7th Emirates Physiotherapy Virtual Conference is a virtual event, taking place from 12th until 13th June 2020, combining live stream presentations, pre-recorded sessions, and networking opportunities for the healthcare experts. This serves as a great opportunity to be in a unique learning environment that inspires and enables research, innovation, discovery, and excellence.
The health and wellbeing of our attendees, staff and committee is our primary concern. In light of global precautions due to COVID-19, we wanted to offer an opportunity to get together and carry out the meeting without the need to travel or gather in a single location.
Yes, the sessions would be streamed live at the time assigned to the speaker. Delegates/participants can proceed to "Agenda Video Streaming" wherein the Agenda is available and the delegates/participants are requested to attend the sessions which would be ongoing.
While the sessions are ongoing, there is a section for the delegates/participants to put their questions related to the topic.
If you are already registered your registration will be carried forward for the virtual event. Registration team will send you access details separately. If you haven't received the details please send an email to physiodubai@mci-group.com.
On the virtual platform, there is section for attendees, wherein they will have the option to "Send Message" or "Request for Meeting" with a specific attendee.
The sessions will be recorded and made available for the attendees 2 weeks after the conference in order to obtain their CPD points.
Yes, the conference is accredited with CPD Points from Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) and the CPD points will be calculated based on the hours attended by the delegate/participant.
No, we require an email per participant for the event as the email is used as your username.
The password is case sensitive, please make sure you have caps lock on/off where necessary. Please check the password sent is the same as the one you are attempting. If you have done this and the password is still not working email physiodubai@mci-group.com and we will reset the password for you.
Firstly, we would recommend using Google Chrome as the browser of choice, this is normally the most reliable option. I would also recommend making sure you have the latest version of Chrome as it will have the latest version of JavaScript. If you are still having issues please check your internet connection. If an issue still persists please contact physiodubai@mci-group.com
As a speaker set to broadcast for the event you will have a picture of a camera in the bottom middle of the screen, click this and it will start your video broadcast, once this is on please make sure the microphone and camera are turned on.
Once you are broadcasting you will see an icon at the bottom of the screen, the icon is a screen with a line though – click this and you will be given the option to share your screen or specific applications.
Please check the email used when registered, if this is the same please contact the event organizers who will confirm. If there is an issue, they will contact us to rectify.
Yes, as long as you have your username and password you can use any computer. You will only have one log in option per email, so make sure you are not logged in on another computer when trying to log in.
I keep receiving an error message stating that the form is missing information or I am getting an invalid email address when I register.
We recommend using Google Chrome, as this is the most reliable with the software we run. If you are having issues with Chrome please check to see if you have the latest update by following this link. https://www.google.com/chrome/
Please make sure you have the below clicked to on, your camera is uncovered and the microphone on your laptop is also on. If you have done all these steps please contact physiodubai@mci-group.com
Yes, we would recommend doing so, if you are having any issues our support team will be able to help you sooner and allow you to start sessions without delay. If you do have any issues when testing please contact physiodubai@mci-group.com right away and we will resolve the issue for you.
Click on the left-hand menu > my messages > new message.
Your password is given in an email after registration, if you have forgotten your password please contact physiodubai@mci-group.com and we will reset it for you.
No, each registered user has their name as part of their profile. As the basis for our apps is networking it is not a feature that we offer.
Yes, there is an option here to ask a question anonymously. Your question may be subject to moderation so it may not show.
We recommend that you make sure the Mic is not obscured in anyway but also not too close to your mouth as this can pick up your breathing. Make sure the environment is as quiet as possible – this includes choosing rooms with less echo (rooms with soft furniture and carpet, over rooms with no carpet and hard surfaces eg Living Room over a Kitchen) where possible. If you are a sole speaker, you can also turn off your speakers to reduce background noise.
You can contact at +971 (50) 557 8392 or physiodubai@mci-group.com

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