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AlOsrah Medical Magazine is a monthly magazine that is interested in the health sector in particular and the rest of the sectors in general and is also interested in both awareness and health education.

The magazine is issued monthly with the beginning of the calendar month and by both electronic and printed two copies with available application for smart phones to browse the magazine.

Distribution of the magazine (40) thousand copies in Riyadh as an initial plan in the first stage.
Starting from 1/2016 (70) thousand copies will be distributed. Starting from 1/2017 A copy will be issued in English.
Targeting all classes and segments of society, such as schools, universities, medical centers, hospitals, banks, factories and other. Our Magazine has a quarterly plan so that the exporting number of copies will increase 20% each quarter. The magazine is considered the first one of its kind specializing in the health sector and community education.

For more information, please visit www.alosrahonline.com.

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