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In 1969, the Modern Pharmaceutical Company (LLC) was founded with one basic aim of becoming the leading healthcare distributor in the UAE. Hence, we invested in the best infrastructure system, machinery and people so that our partners and customers are guaranteed the most ‘advanced’ facilities possible.

Building symbiotic relationships – Relationships that are mutually beneficial

We believe in creating lasting relationships with our staff, partners and customers. Our relationship are based on honesty, safety, trust and exceptional customer service. We build relationships that flourish and lasts forever. It’s what motivates us to constantly find new ways to exceed and overcome the expectations of our partners and our customers. As a company, it allows us even better ways to build stronger relationships than ever before.

Over time, as a company, we were successful to achieve our goal which helped us to grew our partners and our customer base. We understand in order for us to expand in our region, we need to provide more than just the best facilities. We needed to connect with our partners and our customers better, by building the rapport that’s needed between a company and a consumer. We work with our partners and customers to build their businesses as if was there own.

Today, it is this philosophy that drives everything we do. We believe in creating lasting relationships with our staff, partners and customers, building relationships based on honesty and trust, relationships that flourish. It’s what motivates us to constantly find new ways to exceed the expectations of our partners and customers’, finding ever better ways of building stronger relationships. Today MPC healthcare is one of the leading Pharmaceutical companies in UAE / Healthcare companies in UAE.

In 2010, we did research amongst our partners and customers to gauge their opinion about the MPC brand. We discovered that there and many things that they expect from us. Some we consider ‘a given’ such as our state of the art capabilities, systems and processes. What we found encouraging is that our partners and customers conveyed that the most compelling reason to do business with us, is the more intangible assets of MPC, such as our people and our ability to build mutually beneficial relationships.

For this reason, we have recently rebranded our visual identity. Our new brand identity is a symbol of our commitment to building symbiotic relationships – relationships that are mutually beneficial, bring about synergy and generate prosperity.

Our new logo is a sphere made up of two halves that fit perfectly together representing MPC, our partners and customers. The logo has no hard edges, the movement is smooth and free flowing representing MPC’s ability to create seamlessly synchronized solutions.

The logo is placed at the top left of our brand marque to always remind us of our vision, which is to be the healthcare partner of choice in the region. Overall the logo communicates complete partnership, hand in hand, moving forward together.

The typeface is approachable, warm, friendly and inviting, all characteristics of the MPC brand. The colors chosen to represent MPC’s specialization in healthcare and blend together representing synergy and synchronized healthcare solutions. As we enter a new chapter for MPC, we hope that you will join us as we create a brighter more prosperous future together.

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Life World provides premiere health care products for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, mobility, physical fitness, wellness respiratory care, orthopaedics, bathroom safety, bedroom furniture and accessories, maternity care, childcare, and many other home healthcare requirements, capitalized by a group of professional advisors who dedicate their time to offer friendly service and knowledgeable product support.

Through the commitment and unwavering support of the group, Life World has become the first and the best of its kind in the area. It is the first general and specialized healthcare showroom, earning the distinction of being the most reliable and experienced professional provider of superior healthcare products and services to every needed one.

Physiomart was founded in 2011 with a vision to provide quality solutions to Patients, Therapists and Institutions providing Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Today we are proud to be a pioneer in physiotherapy equipment & supplies and turnkey solutions for physiotherapy, rehab and fitness centers all over the UAE.

Our associations with the World’s Top Physiotherapy Supplies Manufacturing Companies like Zimmer Medizin Systeme, K-Active Europe, Redcord AS, AIREX, TOGU, Whitehall Mfg, Fabrication Enterprises, RehabMedic etc. have given us a cutting edge in high quality equipment and Physio & Rehab supplies in the UAE.

With our product portfolio covering variant physiotherapy products and tools ranging from Balance Products, Electrotherapy Equipment, Neurostimulation Electrodes, Evaluation Tools, Exercise Mats, Taping Supplies, Sports Therapy Equipment, Treatment Furniture and much more, Physiomart stands at the top for standardized products manufactured in United States and Europe with ultimate quality solutions.

Our website, www.physiomart.ae showcases a remarkable range of products and provides our customers with an option to order online.

“Patients’ needs are at the heart of every decision we make. From the very start, we are all about patients. Patients’ needs are at the heart of every decision we make. Growing to meet patient's need. It´s what we are. It´s what we do."

Founded in 1993, BTL has grown to become one of the world’s major manufacturers of medical equipment. BTL's major segments include physical therapy, cardiology and medical aesthetics. With global presence BTL is the world's leading manufacturer of medical devices in three major industry segments: physical therapy, cardiology and aesthetics. With European origin and global presence, we have an extensive experience in research and development, production and commerce of high end medical technologies, covering three major industry segments: physical therapy, cardiology and aesthetics. It is the company’s innovative nature, management style and employees’ determination that have contributed to its rapid growth and expansion of products and markets. Your needs are at the heart of every decision we make!

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