Virtual Networking

2 Days of Connecting Virtually

Over the period of two days start getting to know your fellow attendees who are just a click away by simply sending them a message on live chat. Networking has never been so easy!

Arranging Virtual Meetings

If you see someone you’d like to meet, reach out and schedule a meeting. Meeting someone one-to-one is the perfect way to discuss professional challenges and best practices.

Personalise Your Activity Feed

Create your own private social network, post photos, messages and comments. Show sponsored posts and adverts and make announcements to all users.

Q&A Live Polling

All participants can ask and view live questions anywhere in the world and send live polls to participants instantly. The participants can also respond to polls anywhere in the world.

Pre Recorded Sessions & Live Discussions

Attending the conference virtually is giving you a unique opportunity to access live-streamed and pre-recorded sessions in real time, but always having a chance to come back and watch them later during the week. Join live discussions, ask questions, let your colleagues know your views, share your experience and connect with speakers and industry peers in the same virtual room.

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